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  • Production optimization through digital transformation

    Data: 30/06/2021
    Hora: Das 16:00 às 17:30hs

    For there to be a real gain in production through digital transformation, there must be a unification of data, processes and work standards.

    Schlumberger provides this capability through the collaborative environment DELFI, developed specifically for the oil industry, has the ability to unify disciplines and technologies. The environment was built to be open, secure, scalable and fully manageable, connecting people, data and software across the entire industry value chain.

    The native production solution in the DELFI environment (ProdOps) contextualizes data from structured and unstructured sources, well models and outflow network and analytical data, providing the ability to identify assets with low performance, operational problems as well as opportunities for improvement, enabling decision-making at the right time through automatic system recommendations.

    When compared to traditional industry methods, ProdOps delivers with greater clarity and agility the monitoring of production metrics, analysis of well performance and task management, transforming production management using automation technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning for the execution of workflows, providing engineers and asset managers with suggestions for actions for making proactive decisions.

    Introducer – Welyson Campos de Oliveira