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  • The New Gas Market is a Federal Government program started in 2019 by the President Act nº 9.934/2019. The program proposals a change in state and Federal regulatory to create better conditions for a new open Gas Market with more companies, more offer and dynamism. 

    At the start, the program strategy was created a space to open conversation between local and states authorities with gas companies in the Market. The program goals are competitivity, compatibility between states and federal laws, connection among gas industry and electric industry, and tax politics. 

    The New Gas Law was approved in 2021 and it was a big victory for the program. The 14.134/2021 Law is the New Gas Law, which revoked the old gas law, and it is a new legal milestone.

    ABPIP support the program, has participated in the meetings and sent many contributions for states and federal regulatory agents. Besides, ABPIP cooperated with proposals about investments, best international practices and competitivity promotion. 

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