Over the last decade, the Northeast has been working to demonstrate the need to expand the Brazilian onshore market given its capacity to generate jobs and income that will greatly help the region’s economic development.

Beginning in 2010, with the enactment of Law No. 12,371 / 2010, which in article 65, determined the creation of policies aimed at increasing the participation of small and medium-sized Brazilian companies in the production of oil in Brazil, it was envisaged the possibility that with these policies there would finally be an increase in investment and therefore growth in activity, which, despite a modest contribution to the national oil production (<6%), has great socioeconomic impacts for the surrounding regions and populations, Federation of Industrialists of the State of Bahia (FIEB), which estimates that every 23,000 barrels per day added to oil production generate 32,000 direct and indirect jobs, with a salary mass of around R $ 620 million per year (2015).

This law has generated studies in the ambit of the MME and the ANP, notably Technical Note No. 26/11-DEPG / SPG-MME and the work: Local Producers of Oil and Gas – Small accumulations and mature fields – Result of the Workshop of work carried out at the ANP on February 1, 2010 ", which despite being developed about 6 years ago, the measures proposed there were not implemented mainly by the prioritization that the Brazilian State gave the issues related to pre salt.

At the beginning of 2016, with the announcement by Petrobras of the TOPAZIO project, which marks the beginning of the process of assigning exploration rights, development and production of oil and natural gas from the terrestrial fields to the private initiative, which points to a scenario of opportunities for a whole chain of local producers and suppliers for the resumption of investments that this alternative will provide, the process of discussion is reopened to unlock the Brazilian Onshore sector that will enable its growth.

In this sense, the Onshore Forum held on 10/26/2016 in Rio de Janeiro, during the Rio Oil & Gas, was held on 11/14/2016 in Mossoró, at the Onshore Potiguar Forum and on 11/25/2016 in Salvador, the Bahia Onshore Forum.

During these events, after listening to the various segments involved, the Oil and Gas Ministry of the Ministry of Mines and Energy decided to propose the REATE Program for Revitalization of the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in land areas that aims to country's confidence in the sector and that will seek solutions to the issues that block the market, preventing it from consolidating and generating socio-economic benefits for the Northeast.