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  • CALER – Legal and Regulatory Affairs Committee

    ABPIP’s primary focus area is Explorations & Production (E&P), and CALER is the commit engage in regulatory affairs, tax, legislation and other issues surrounding E&P activities. The group deals with the different aspects of regulation and leading ANP public consultations, advocating for industry’s interests in the light of Congress discussions, participating in Federal Government’s programs such as REATE, PROMAR and New Gas Market.

    The members profile are lawyers, regulatory analysts, operations and new business analysts whom/ who works at our associates’ companies.

    CALER reads the regulatory and tax legal scenario, with rationality, clarity with allows ABPIP to make purposes for regulatory chances for a better market, and elimination of barriers to the operation of independent players, as well as on the search for incentive policies to the sector.

    New Gas Market
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