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  • Luciana Borges: at Onshore and Shallow Waters demands command

    New ABPIP president rate the scenario and the future perspectives for small and medium Brazilian producers. The recent elected to command ABPIP between 2021-2023, Luciana de Miranda Martins Borges has an extensive agenda for now long. An interview to Petroleo Hoje, the new president, who is to manager in Maha Energy, talk about the challengers […]

    More Oil flow from mature fields

    The crow from oil exploration after the Petrobras sale assets at terrestrial areas and shallow water. The mature and marginal oil fields in Brazil notes a production growing after the firster’s assets sale from Petrobras, but the expectation for fast investments to one big growth to next years, after the conclusion of divested by Petrobras. […]

    ABPIP participates in the Reate AL discussion forum

    The Association contributed for the direction for eight challenges in REATE At July 30th, the Mines and Energy Ministry (MME) promoted an event about Revitalização da Atividade de Exploração e Produção de Petróleo e Gás Natural em Áreas Terrestres Program – REATE event called Round REATE at Alagoas. The oil and gas MME secretary, José […]

    Natural Gas: a national pact that will not walk alone

    Anabal Santos Jr e Rômulo Florentino* Decree No. 10.712/2021 was published this Friday, which regulates the New Gas Law, sanctioned in April by the Presidency of the Republic. It is one more step much awaited by the sector towards the cheap energy shock announced by the Federal Government in 2019. To get there, however, there […]