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    The Revitalização e Incentivo à Produção de Campos Marítimos Program was created by CNPE Resolution nº 10/2020. The program goals are better economic conditions for mature offshore oil fields for extension of economic activities in the fields. With the same Reate strategy, the Promar program were made for offshore oil and gas companies, suppliers of […]

    New Gas Market

    The New Gas Market is a Federal Government program started in 2019 by the President Act nº 9.934/2019. The program proposals a change in state and Federal regulatory to create better conditions for a new open Gas Market with more companies, more offer and dynamism.  At the start, the program strategy was created a space […]


    The Revitalização da Atividade de Exploração e Produção de Petróleo e Gás Natural em Áreas Terrestres Program – REATE was cried by the CNPE Resolution nº 27/2019. The program goals are revitalized of exploration and production oil and gas activities at terrestrial areas in Brazil, economic and social development in local and regional Brazilian regions, […]