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  • Overview of Onshore Activities in front of Petrobras Divestment Program

    The Petro-BC Networking will realize on August 24th at 5PM, by Microsoft Teams, the webinar “Overview of Onshore Activities in front of Petrobras Divestment Program”. Anabal Santos Jr., ABPIP executive secretary, will introduce how are the onshore activities with the Petrobras disinvestment program and what are the besties strategies for Oil and Gas Companies for get in the market. To participate, click in the link above.     

    Oil and Gas Innovation and Business Forum

    A place for an intense experience shares and knowledge between consults, businessman and researchers, this is the goal of Oil and Gas Innovation and Business Forum. The event will happen on August 14, at 2PM, and intent promote partnership between academy and companies.

    Interview with Luciana Borges, ABPIP president, to EPBR channel

    On July 20th, Luciana Borges, ABPIP president, was interview by EPBR Agency. On the occasion, Luciana presented the independent oil and gas companies challenges and perspectives about onshore and offshore.

    Webinar “ABPIP INOVA” | UFRN Upstream Labs

    On next Thursday (29/07), at 2PM to 3PM, ABPIP brought together researchers and teachers from Rio Grande do Norte Federal University (UFRN) to debate about innovation. This was the second webinar from the ABPIP Inova series.

    Production optimization through digital transformation

    The first webinar of the ABPIP Inova series, which seeks to present technologies and innovation with a focus on improving the performance of associates in E&P activities, will feature the speaker Welyson Campos de Oliveira from Schlumberger. Participate!