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  • More Oil flow from mature fields

    The crow from oil exploration after the Petrobras sale assets at terrestrial areas and shallow water.

    The mature and marginal oil fields in Brazil notes a production growing after the firster’s assets sale from Petrobras, but the expectation for fast investments to one big growth to next years, after the conclusion of divested by Petrobras.

    After years to low production at terrestrial and shallow water fields, the Petrobras decision to sell those assets and focus on deeply waters helped the minors’ operators. Regulatory changes in the past few years contributed may favor the opening to small and medium oil companies.

    According to the dates from ANP report production, the production from concessions non-Petrobras-operations in mature basins – those with more geologic knowledge – was 4,8 thousand oil bdp in April 2018 and grew to 19,1 bdp in April 2021, the more recent date informed by ANP. The national production was 3,8 million oil barrels per day at the same mouth.

    Th expectation, today, is focus in the finish of sale, from Petrobras, to Bahia terrestrial pole. The sale packages include assets which produces 40 thousand oil barred per day (bdp) besides 1,6 million cubic meters natural gas per day (m³/d). The process was start in 2020 and now, they are receiving proposals.

    “The biggest investment resources will arrive, there for those assets in sale still happing, but they are not finish. The main terrestrial fields cases are major’s investment if you considered the regions where Petrobras has a stable production or declining for long time. In five years from now, I believe we will have a terrestrial production scenario so different that we have today”, said Luciana Borges, the president from ABPIP.      

    The association, in fact, already started to observe some changes, with the grew to 30 associates’ companies, among Oil and gas operators and suppliers, presents in 13 Brazilian states.

    The companies on maritime production chosen to get in ABPIP, even if before that the association were focus on terrestrial activities.  PetroRio, Perenco and BW Offshore joined ABPIP in the last few months.

    At the same time, the associates’ companies watched their production grow from 80 thousand bdp in January 2019 to 100 thousand bdp in January 2021, included marginal and mature fields.

    “All independents companies which assumed assets from Petrobras disinvest grew their production, even during pandemic”, said Anabal Santos, executive secretary from ABPIP.

    Although they represent a small part of national production, mature and marginal fields are main important for local employers and an E&P activity with low cost, most interesting to small oil companies.

    The Revitalização da Atividade de Exploração e Produção de Petróleo e Gás Natural em Áreas Terrestres (Reate) Program is one factor which helped the interesting grow about those assets in Brazil. The program is command to ANP and Mines and Energy Ministry (MME).

    Some industry contributions for regulatory enhancement inside REATE are already made. After three rounds between November 2020 and Marc 2021, oil operators received, for example, free access to technical dates from ANP.

    The main approach with ANP, other milestone from small operators were the speed in cession process after Petrobras disinvest.

    The fist cessions took ten months, what is not good for nobody, case the sale operator is more worried in let go the asset and the buyer operator cannot access the asset. But the last cession was made in four months, an advance. ANP sensitivity and better performance at process manager” explains Anabal.

    Now, the industry lives an expectation to enhancement the shallow waters fields, by The Revitalização e Incentivo à Produção de Campos Marítimos – Promar Program. The initiative started this year and had, util now, only one round. At the occasion, the industry showed 160 contributions to enhancement the investment at those maritime areas.

    According to ABPIP executive secretary, the open dialogue between ANP and the industry in the past years, by REATE, will contribution to speed new actions to maritime areas.

    Source: Economic value